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In Praise of

Biomimicry and Business...

"Biomimicry and Business is exactly what the movement needs right now--examples of people successfully practicing biomimicry to help heal their part of the world.  This book represents the next step and will be important in the annals of this emerging discipline." 

– Janine Benyus, author of 'Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature' and co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute

"Margo Farnsworth’s Biomimicry and Business elegantly shows how innovative firms are embracing a new business approach to solve complex design challenges. This book provides a great introduction to the world of biomimicry through the lens of business and entrepreneurship and gives readers practical tools and resources for integrating the biomimicry methodology in their corporate organizations. The author’s detailed business case studies provide more color on how the biomimicry process is used and implemented successfully across of variety of companies. There are many lessons to be discovered here and I believe that everyone interested in regenerative design should read this book." 

- Jacques Chirazi, Director of Student Entrepreneurship and Blackstone LaunchPad, University of California San Diego and Managing Partner + Founder, Biomimicry Switzerland

Check Out Margo's Newest Project!

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Nature Stories Around the World Brings Storytime Online!


Parents and children will be able to experience nature in a new way when Nature Stories Around the World goes live online Wednesday, August 10.  

Working in partnership, Margo Farnsworth, author and biomimicry educator, and The Resilient Activist, a nonprofit offering programs geared toward wellness in response to the impact of the climate crisis, will launch a free web resource with children’s picture books read aloud accompanied by captivating videos of the book pages.  
Along with the books geared to children ages 4 to 10, the site offers a reading list and nature activities to spark children’s imaginations and connection with nature. 

“I originally envisioned this as a way to spread the word of biomimicry to young people,” said Farnsworth. “Designers and engineers are working with biologists to mimic strategies nature uses to work smarter and more sustainably in their companies.  When children discover how nature works it can deepen their joy and connection to the outdoors along with providing them with views they can use in the future.”

After Farnsworth shared the idea with Sami Aaron, founder and Chair of The Resilient Activist, Aaron saw an immediate alignment and offered to host the online offerings and even expand them to a broader array of children’s activities and resources. 

“Recent studies have shown the valuable benefits of a deep nature connection to children’s emotional and physical well-being,” said Aaron. “These delightfully illustrated books, read lovingly by Margo Farnsworth, give parents, educators, and health professionals an easy and accessible way to share the joys of the natural world with a younger audience.”

Check out the Resilient Activist website site here.

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