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#57 - Hope in a Changing World - (for you and your business)

The new year has finally brought a bit of bluster and snow to our region. As it’s part of our cycle here I feel very fortunate to be experiencing it. I’m also grateful because it grants me a little more time to read... Click here to read more... February 2022

# 56 - Public Meetings and Recommendations on Revising the Definition of "Waters of the United States"

This is one of those days when I had to set aside what I should be doing for what I must do as a citizen concerned with the well-being of nature and us as part of nature.  And as an important aside – right up front – I’m about to lobby you... Click here to read more... August 2021


#55 - Chilling Out Your Community with the Small Act of Planting Trees You’re in a conversation about sustainability or climate change or something similar having to do with human relationships to and with nature.  You see you are starting to make inroads with the other person.  They’re shifting their weight from one foot to the other.  They’re actually starting to lean forward a bit.  And then they do it.  They ask the question about . . . metrics.  Well, how much of a difference will it make if... Click here to read more... July 2021

#54 - A Fellowship, EPA Leadership, Environmental Justice and The Lady and the Elders

I plodded into my pandemic office, the guest room, serving me now that there are no guests.  I stood, wall staring, recovering from a workout with that unfocused post-exertion gaze when I realized my daughter’s high school artwork, framed years earlier, contained only non-white people... Click here to read more... January 2021

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#53 - My book & Seeds of Collaboration

Why yes, it has been a good bit of time since you’ve heard from me. A lot has been happening, hasn’t it?  As you know, I don’t write if I have nothing to say and frankly, in the last 16 months everyone else has seemingly had so much to say that there’s been very little extra to add! 

Click here to read more... August 2020

#52 - Botany to be Buried?

Half of our botanical expertise – gone in just ten years.  Well, obviously since I’m breaking my newsletter silence, you know this had an impact on me.  Field botanists, natural resource managers, landscape architects, native plant retailers, molecular biologists working on scientific breakthroughs based on plant science . . .

Click here to read more... April 2019

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#51 - Exurban Evolution - a new article

Normally I would send out the link to my latest essay or article with a newsletter complete with sustainability information, job opportunities etc.  However, I’ve been tied up team-writing (a very worthwhile) grant this week to engage Latinas in learning about native plants as a vehicle... Click here to read more... August 2018

# 50 - 39 Bells & Survival of the Kindest

You admittedly don’t hear from me for months.  Then suddenly I give you two newsletters in a row.  What is going on here?

I have a couple of things to talk with you about, so off we go. For those of you interested in biomimicry.... Click here to read more... April 2018

# 49 - Happy Pi Day and the Love of Pie

Happy Pi Day to those of you recognizing March 14th as 3-14 (the first three numbers in pi).  It really is a thing; and although pi is a favorite contemplative topic for me (We could talk Archimedes to Carl Sagan to Kate Bush on this.), today I’m really more concerned with pie...  Click here to read more... March 2018

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