Fashioned through storytelling, this book blends snapshots of five successful companies – Nike, Interface, Inc, PAX Scientific, Sharklet Technologies, and Encycle – who decided to partner with nature by deploying biomimicry, the practice of observing then mimicking nature’s strategies to solve business challenges.


A portion of the proceeds goes to The Biomimicry Institute!


​ Margo was humbled to be included alongside well-known authors telling stories of our kinship with, and connection to, land and all that this entails.


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The New Territory is a print magazine that gives a literary, anthropological, and ecological voice to an overlooked region 

to restore three keystone habitats: salt marsh, eelgrass and shellfish beds

With excellent coaching by Orion  magazine’s Editor-in-Chief H. Emerson “Chip” Blake, Margo penned this reflection on neighbors we seldom consider.

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