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2011 Newsletters

 #1 - My beef with blogs is that, often, the blogger feels like they have to produce all the time; ergo they can sometimes just be filling space. I don't know about you; but the amount of time I want to "fill space" with more online information for the sake of information, is less than zero. Instead, what you've just received is an e-mail newsletter which I hope will give you useful insights, tools, and opportunities that you in return, can apply toward making our world a more sustainable place. Click here for more...February, 2011

 #2 - Below this e-mail message is an example of bio-utilization. Remember, bio-utilization and bio-inspiration - while not biomimicry - are still valid choices in many situations. For those of you in class now, remember these strategies in your ultimate solution pathways for your businesses. Click here to read more...April, 2011

#3 - I hope this finds you well and all your loved ones safe after a particularly violent string of spring storms. Joplin is my home town and though the losses were great, I am grateful my family was spared even though much was destroyed. Now I'm in discussions with EPA and the Natural Resources Defense Council on a possible road back... Click here to read more...June, 2011

#4 - I know this e-mail will find all of you in some hot place! Hopefully, you've been able to take advantage of local rivers and lakes to help you keep your cool during July. For me, July meant finishing a draft of a booklet - "Life Support: Tennessee's Water" Click here to read more...July, 2011

#5 - Yesterday an important publication on the economic effects of biomimicry was unveiled in California - The Da Vinci Index. The San Diego Zoo, long noted for their innovative modes of interacting with and educating us about wildlife, has worked to become a regional hub of expertise on biomimicry. Click here to read more...August, 2011

 #6 - Over the last six years or so many of us, including the big guns like the National Labs,have been talking about the cost of energy in water and the cost of water inenergy. I've spoken with both businesses, NGO's, individuals and entire communities about the incredible savings to be had by deploying water/energy-saving tactics.Click here to read more...September, 2011

 #7 - A couple of years ago I was talking with a mule skinner in upper Middle Tennessee. Now just so some of you don't panic, mule skinners were the original teamsters who trained and and drove mules for commerce. By that description alone you can probably tell that this fellow had been around a good long while. We were talking about water, of course, and he said to me, Click here to read more...September, 2011 (2)

 #8 - I am continuously struck, these days, at how in love we are with "new". We love new information from new books, blogs, programs and processes. I too, certainly embrace "new"; but sometimes recycling "old" can be the most innovative. I talk to those of you as students about the "Dynasty Syndrome" referring to the '70's show where women wore sequined gowns to dinner and men, tuxedos. Click here to read more...October, 2011

#9 - I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying this season by giving to one another! In fact, I'm so into "giving" that I thought I'd pass on a tidbit of one man's thoughts on how joy through giving can actually help your bottom line! Now, don't be confused. I believe in giving for its own sake - so let's be straight on that right now. Click here to read more...December, 2011

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