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2012 Newsletters

#10 - I'm still elated over our Green Bison (Corbin Gibson, Samuel Leu, Paula Smith) being named one of the Top 12 in the Biomimicry Institute's Biomimicry Student Design Challenge. They're busily working (now with Ron Taylor as well) to prepare for judges' question in the final stage of the competition to see which Teams will be named to the top three slots. Click here to read more...January, 2012

 #11 - Those of you who are students began learning about biomimicry in SU6003 building ingenious projects and coming to ask, "How would nature do x? Some of you grasped the possibilities and applied biomimicry to your projects in SU6073 integrating nature's wisdom into your site design to save water, energy and... Click here to read more...January, 2012 (2)

 #12 - In class with students, we are often asked about pharmaceuticals in our water. The river industry lists these still as "chemicals of emerging concern". You can follow this link to see some of what the Environmental Protection Agency is currently doing with regard to these chemicals. [Link] Then, because we are a global economy, you can read some of the latest material out of Europe (below). Click here to read more...February, 2012

 #13 - Greetings Friends, Students and Colleagues, One of my fantastic students just sent me this article which, he said, he only assumed I didn't see as it was in Men's Health. Here is a Link to the Men’s Health article which clearly illustrates one of the many reasons biodiversity, bio-utilization and biomimicry are important to you and me. Click here to read more...February, 2012 (2)

 #14 - Happy March! I was out in short sleeves yesterday and awoke to snow today. Such are our lives during this dynamic time of year; and as the buds start growing and warily unfurling we should also consider how we can grow in the upcoming seasons. In Tennessee I'm getting excited for all of us to enjoy learning from Janine Benyus, our human mentor in the emerging field of biomimicry and the changes she'll bring to our way of looking at the world. Click here to read more...March, 2012

  #15 - Hello Students, Colleagues and Friends, This newsletter comes in three parts: a thank you, a hurrah, and the educational section. To those of you for which all three do not apply, I beg your indulgence. Part I. Thank you to all of you who have sent kind words, thoughts, prayers and cards during the time of our recent loss. Click here to read more...April, 2012

 #16a - This week over 700 people from around the globe, passionate about our rivers, lakes and streams will gather at River Rally in Oregon. They'll learn about a myriad of tools which we can use to help our waterways like the Clean Water Act, green infrastructure, and skills for how to work with people you thought didn't care about natural resources like rivers. Click here to read more...May, 2012

#16b - It isn't quite June but this isn't actually a full-blown newsletter. In fact, it wasn't a newsletter at all until I had to add a special news note. Fortunately for Tennessee, it seems that our own Dr. Sandra Dudley has now been named the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation's (TDEC) Division of Water Resources Director. Click here to read more...May, 2012

#17a - In May, I was fortunate enough to go traipsing about the British Isles, Guernsey and France. The people were wonderful. The sheep and Highland Cattle I wished to learn more about offered a view into northern heritage breeds I'd never experienced. The food was excellent (even haggis!) Click here to read more...June, 2012

#17b - What good is knowledge if you don't share it? Two of my colleagues on the Biomimicry Education Advisory Board have taken it upon themselves to create THE journal for biomimicry. It's a gorgeous hyper-informative game changer as a tool for you to create a better world. Click here to read more...June, 2012

#18 - I've had you on my mind for some weeks now. A few of you have asked about "the next newsletter" so after a summer hiatus, here it is. I was thinking about Henry Ford last night - and that whole Industrial Revolution thing. I was thinking in the context of many of you who have graduated (or are in the process) and what kind of job you'll be getting when you leave school. Click here to read more ... September, 2012

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