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2013 Newsletters

#19 - I was glad to hear from several of you after I sent out the job listing of Sustainability Director for Nashville’s new Convention Center. It’s good to know that Lipscomb’s graduates will be well represented – and hopefully (surely!) will prevail in that selection. And speaking of being represented, I was contacted recently by Yes! Magazine to be part of a little article on biomimicry. Click here to read more...February, 2013

#20 - Once upon a time I worked in a backpacking shop. We all viewed our chosen outdoor avocations as the harvest we brought to the shop to make it work. I was the boater. I had sailed and raced during my adolescence and become a canoe instructor and rescue volunteer for local and national whitewater races in and after college. Click here to read more...April, 2013

#21 - When was the last time you wanted to do something but thought, “I can’t do that. I have no idea how to get there or make that happen.” If that doesn’t resonate, what about this one, “What am I doing here? This just absolutely is not my calling; but I don’t know what my calling is and this pays the bills so I suppose I’ll have a beer and do it again tomorrow.” Click here to read more...May, 2013

#22a - It seems as if I took an unintended hiatus from this newsletter. However; it seems this has only served to provide greater fodder for this late summer edition. I didn’t set out to provide you with a robust coverage of bees and other pollinators. It just sort of – grew. First, Jane Hardy sent out a notice to the Tennessee Women in Green about something called the Wildbranch Writing Workshop. Click here to learn more...August, 2013

#22b - Of course, as soon as one hits the “Send” button, more valuable information arrives. Since we’ve spoken about water quality and supply so much I wanted to send you this: [Link] (Partial section of Conclusions) This study assessed long-term groundwater depletion in 40 separate aquifer systems or subareas, and one land use category. Click here to learn more...August, 2013

#23 - Once upon a time there was no water or sewer infrastructure. Slop buckets were poured out into the streets; and disease was a close neighbor. Water infrastructure dated more distantly than even the Roman aqueducts of which you have read much, I’m sure. But sewers – and sewer “systems” for the masses ( as opposed to those created in ancient palaces and other small-scale conveyances B.C.) did not really arise until those in Germany in the mid-1800’s. Click here to read more...September, 2013

 #24 - It's truly autumn again. Anthocyanin is at work turning our maples and sumacs scarlet as a combination of other pigments display the yellows, oranges, purples and browns that color this beautiful season. Thinking of seasons always brings me thoughts of cycles and the circularity of nature. We easily think of these when we think of times of the year; but I also think of the circularity required to build sustainable products, businesses... Click here to read more...October 2013

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