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2014 Newsletters

#25 -  I’ve always been a “river woman”.  Whether engaging people to think about rivers as the front doors of our communities or developing programs to deploy green infrastructure for infiltration and filtering H₂O, rivers and their rich biodiversity have always been my passion... Click here to read more...February 2014

Photo Credit: Mizzou Botanic Gardens

#26 -     Aunt Bev died last night.  She’s not my aunt but as the relation of a best friend and someone in a sphere I inhabit, her passing jerked me to attention.  As death often does, it reminded me of the ephemeral nature of our little bodies.  At times, I become glazed in mind and spirit with the terrible panoply of information on technology, power and politics, global social strife and increasingly... Click here to read more...March 2014

#27 -     For those of you who are still students – and even those who aren’t but who have received my (or other biomimicry instructors’) training or perhaps want training, the Biomimicry Institute has an opportunity for you. This spring/summer, AskNature will be piloting a new program for contributors and the team is currently ...Click here to read more... April 2014

# 28 -  Mr. Weaver was right when he wrote that 60 years ago.  Nature IS an open book.  Each of us have the right and the extreme privilege to experience the library of nature.  One of my favorite ways to “read” is to study the march of different organisms around me as we go through the year... Click here to read more... May 2014

 # 29 -  A senior at Kent State wrote to me last week and asked me, “How do I save the world?”   My first thought was, “Can you get a wrong number on LinkedIn?” But, assuming it actually was me he was talking to, and people from further reaches do contact me from time to time, I did what I usually do... Click here to read more...June 2014

#30 - This month’s newsletter may only take you five to eight minutes – and guess what, if you read it you’ll get a lovely gift at the end!

Many of you have prospered by learning about biomimicry by reading Janine’s book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.  Others of you learned about biomimicry from me...

Click here to read more...July 2014

#31 - One more droplet of sweat made its way along the top ridge of my sunglasses and into my eye. I spun the tractor around to mow another row as iridescent swallows missiled in front of me to nab fleeing insects for brunch...Click here to read more...August 2014

#32 -  I wish to submit the following as a Letter to the Editor in our Community Voices section.  That was the beginning of the letter to the editor (below) I fired off this morning after reading an amalgam of half- and untruths in an article of our local small town paper...Click here to read more...September 2014 

#33a - The truth is that squatters have taken up residence surrounding my house.  I walked out the door today smack into a jail cell arrangement of spider silk from several of the hundreds of spiderlings who are jettisoning across my front walk, back patio, path to the car and back again...Click here to read more...October 2014a

#33b - Friday I sent you the story of my encounters with spiders.  It was sent as a fun, little informative jaunt into some biology facts impacting us every day.  However; it relates to a bigger picture – how we coexist with other organisms of all kinds. 

This affects you.  It affects you in business.  It affects you at home.  And you along with me and everybody else, are responsible.  ....  Click here to read more ... October 2014b

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