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In Praise of

Biomimicry and Business...

"Biomimicry and Business is exactly what the movement needs right now--examples of people successfully practicing biomimicry to help heal their part of the world.  This book represents the next step and will be important in the annals of this emerging discipline." 

– Janine Benyus, author of 'Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature' and co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute

"Margo Farnsworth’s Biomimicry and Business elegantly shows how innovative firms are embracing a new business approach to solve complex design challenges. This book provides a great introduction to the world of biomimicry through the lens of business and entrepreneurship and gives readers practical tools and resources for integrating the biomimicry methodology in their corporate organizations. The author’s detailed business case studies provide more color on how the biomimicry process is used and implemented successfully across of variety of companies. There are many lessons to be discovered here and I believe that everyone interested in regenerative design should read this book." 

- Jacques Chirazi, Director of Student Entrepreneurship and Blackstone LaunchPad, University of California San Diego and Managing Partner + Founder, Biomimicry Switzerland

Could a shark help you gain a new market sector?  Could a lily or a bee help tame your energy needs?  They’ve brought profits to other companies while helping people and the planet as well.  If you’re looking at new ways to conduct business – look to nature for your next business partner.


Biomimicry, the practice of observing then mimicking nature’s strategies to solve business challenges, offers a path to healthy profit while working in partnership, and even reciprocity, with the natural world. Other books have described biomimicry, its uses, and its benefits. This book shows readers how to create their own biomimetic or bioinspired solutions with clear benefits to the bottom line, the environment, and people.


Fashioned through storytelling, this book blends snapshots of five successful companies – Nike, Interface, Inc., PAX Scientific, Sharklet Technologies, and Encycle – which decided to partner with nature by deploying biomimicry, the practice of observing then mimicking nature’s strategies to solve business challenges. The book details how they discovered the practices, introduced them to staff, engaged in the process, and measured outcomes. The book concludes with challenges for readers to determine their own next steps in business and offers practical and useful resources to get there.


By revealing the stories of each professional’s journey with lessons they learned, then providing resources and issuing a challenge and pathway to do business better, this book serves as a tool for entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and students to emulate nature’s brilliance, apply it at work, and contribute to a healthier, more prosperous world.